Our Story

At Blind Spot Gear we're on a mission to make the most portable, flexible and innovative lighting & power systems for the film industry. 

All we care about is designing world-class products; enabling you to blow people's minds, tell your story & turn any location into a visual masterpiece.  

Blind Spot is led by Billy Campbell (middle), 2 time BAFTA winner and a Kodak Award-winning cinematographer. In the team are some seriously talented mechanical and electrical engineers. Also in the team is 'Old man Blind Spot' (far left), yup this is the father of Billy who has over 35 years experience as a working cinematographer working on some of the biggest productions in the UK.

Idea Conception

In 2014, the idea for Blind Spot Gear was conceived out of a genuine need for high-quality yet affordable film lighting solutions. As passionate filmmakers, we understood the challenges of finding versatile, portable, and reliable lighting that would not break the bank.

First Product Launch

The Scorpion Light, our first product, hit the market in 2015. This versatile and highly flexible lighting solution was quickly embraced by the filmmaking community, paving the way for our continued development and innovation.


By 2018, our product line had expanded to include more than just the Scorpion Light. We now had the Tile Light, and the Scorpion v2.

During this time we launched into new markets including America, Australia and further into Europe.

Product Evolution

In 2019, we secured investment and introduced our popular hugely Power Junkie. This product solidified our commitment to innovation and high-quality solutions in the power sector.

Sustainability Commitment

In 2021, we committed to sustainability by incorporating environmentally-friendly materials, like castor beans, into our product manufacturing materials. We also started investing 1% of our profits into re-wilding projects in Scotland, reinforcing our pledge to support environmental conservation.

Present Day

Blind Spot Gear continues to push the boundaries of filmmaking, photography and portable powering solutions. We remain committed to helping creators tell their stories by providing innovative, reliable, and high-quality solutions. From lighting to power solutions, we strive to be a trusted partner in the creative process.

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