Canon LP- E6 Dummy Battery DC 8.4V

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Capture, create, and continue without a hiccup. Introducing our Canon LP-E6 Dummy Battery, masterfully designed with a versatile DC connector, making powering your camera easier and more efficient than ever.

Unmatched Compatibility: Whether you're shooting with the BMPCC4K, chronicling memories with the EOS 5D series (Mark II & Mark III, 5DS, 5DSR), taking stunning portraits with the EOS 6D, 60D, 60Da, 7D series (7D & 7D Mark II), or documenting adventures with the EOS 70D and 80D, our dummy battery seamlessly integrates with any camera that utilizes an LP-E6 battery.

Our design ensures that no matter your shooting style or the Canon camera in your arsenal, you'll have a consistent and reliable power source. The DC connector offers easy connectivity, promising uninterrupted shooting sessions, be it film-making, photography, or live streaming.

Say goodbye to battery woes and dive deep into your creative pursuits, knowing your power source is dependable and durable. With our Canon LP-E6 Dummy Battery, every shot counts, and every moment is preserved. Your camera's perfect power partner is finally here.