The Power Pipe v2 give you the freedom to power your devices from readily available and affordable Power Delivery devices. No longer do you need to invest in expensive V-lock and Gold mount battery systems.

 The Power Pipe negotiates 12v output from your USB C device and delivers it where it's needed. You can power most 12v devices (up to 3a) including the Black Magic Pocket Cinema camera using a modern USB C (PD equipped) Power bank or mains AC power adapter


2.5x5.5mm DC


Max Peak


Max Constant

Product specification

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Cable Length  

45cm / 18" 

Input Connector 

Male USB-C PD 

Output Connector 

Male DC barrel - 5.5mm OD, 2.5mm centre pin 

Output Polarity  

Centre pin positive 

Voltage Range 


Jane Fairchild

Super useful USB-C to 12vdc cable!

Excellent cable to have on hand for a wide range of uses that included studio gear and pretty much anything else under the sun you can think of that runs on 12vdc.

The cable is short, and somewhat thin, but that makes it really flexible and easy to work with.

The Morellas

Well made device, seems sturdy so far

The whole Blind Spot system is brilliant, this power system is superior to relying on expense proprietary batteries.

This adapter gives you 12V USB-C and barrel adapters for many common devices.

Val Skordin

It is necessary adapter if you want to use USB-C PD Power Source

I've been looking for a long time for a 12-volt power source replacement. Finally, I found it. I don't have to carry anymore different power adapters in travel. It's enough to have one USB-C PD Power adapter or Power Bank. Yes, this power pipe is a bit expensive but it works and provides 12 volts.


Matthew J. Cline

Works great, changed the way I shoot for the better

The BMPCC 4K eats batteries like candy. I found a new external battery and this cable tat allow me to shoot all day with no worries about power anymore. It works well and the angled connector keeps the cable out of the way. Top build quality. Great product.

Gerald Bertram

Just the cable I needed!

If you have ever used a Black Magic camera you will know how awful the battery life is on these bodies. Thus having another power source is pretty much a necessity. This cable is perfect for me. I can simply use my PD power bank and power my Black Magic Pocket 6k Pro with this cable. It works flawlessly as does pretty much every cable I have gotten from Blind Spot. You pay a few dollars more but the reliability is worth it in my opinion..

Ian C. Corry

Saved my shoot!

Love this cable. There are copycats but this one is safe and has the best team behind it! Do make sure your power delivery meets the stated minimums and you’ll be good to go!

Product specification

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Cable Length  45cm / 18" 

45cm / 18" 

Input Connector

Male USB-C PD 

Output Connector 

Weipu SF61B/S2 

Output polarity 

Pin 1 positive