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Upgrade Your 12V Power Upgrade Your BMPCC Power

Finally, Endless 12V Power Without the Price Tag

It's not just a gadget; it’s your enabler for exploration. Compact and mighty, it turns everyday power banks into robust 12V power sources, ensuring your passion isn't hindered by heavy expensive power sources.

Compact Design

Power up on the go without weighing down your gear.

Unwavering Reliability

Consistent power delivery ensures your shoots never go dark.

Universal Compatibility

Connect with a range of devices for a versatile power solution.

Efficient Operation

Maximizes your gear's runtime with unparalleled efficiency.

Why 30,000+ Creatives Choose the Power Pipe


"With the Power Pipe 12V in my toolkit, my creative process has truly evolved. It's not just about the reliability of power; it's about maintaining a consistent flow in my work, from the initial setup to the pack down. This tool is a game-changer for power on the move."

12V Power, Simplified

he Power Pipe 12V changes the game by consolidating your power needs into a single, efficient device.

It utilizes common power banks to deliver a steady 12V stream, ensuring your gear stays powered and your creativity flows uninterrupted, freeing you from the hassles of managing multiple, expensive, heavy batteries.




Compact Powerhouse, Unmatched Versatility

This small yet powerful device is engineered to transform common power banks into robust 12V power sources, making it an ideal companion for a wide range of equipment.

Its versatility extends beyond traditional uses, supporting everything from film and photography gear to telescopes and music equipment. The Power Pipe 12V embodies the perfect balance of portability and power, ensuring you have the energy you need, whenever and wherever you need it.

More Power, Less Money

The Power Pipe 12V is a smart investment that redefines cost-efficiency in power solutions. By leveraging the power of standard USB-C PD power banks to deliver reliable 12V output, it reduces the need for expensive, specialized batteries.

This not only saves money in the long run but also minimizes waste, making it an economical and environmentally conscious choice for powering a wide range of devices. With the Power Pipe 12V, get more power for less, keeping your gear running without breaking the bank.

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See What Creators Are Saying

Chris Thornton

Ironclad Reliability for Ironman Safety

"Coordinating safety for an Ironman event, reliable communication is paramount. The Power Pipe 12V ensured our radios were powered throughout the event, which is crucial when overseeing participant safety across such expansive courses. Its endurance and portability were truly impressive. It's a safety team's dream."

Riley Morgan

Uninterrupted Creative Flow

"As a musician, I often find myself in places without convenient power sources. The Power Pipe 12V changed that, powering my Syntakt and mixer seamlessly. My creative process is now uninterrupted, thanks to this little gem!"

Wyatt Cooper

Travel-Ready Power Companion

"The Power Pipe 12V has been a steadfast ally in my travel vlogs. Its compact design and potent power conversion keep my ATEM switcher going in the most remote locations. It's the travel companion I didn't know I needed!"

Morgan Shepard

Stargazer’s Delight

As an avid astronomer, finding a power source for my electronic telescope that’s both portable and potent has always been a struggle — until I found the Power Pipe 12V. It has revolutionized my stargazing adventures, allowing me to observe the night sky for hours without interruption. It's truly a stellar companion for any telescope enthusiast."

The Blind Spot Story

Founded by a team of passionate filmmakers and creative visionaries, we are dedicated to revolutionizing the world of filmmaking with cutting-edge solutions. Our journey began with a simple yet powerful idea: to craft equipment that is as versatile and creative as the filmmakers who use them.

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Product specification

Cable Length  45cm / 18" 

45cm / 18" 

Input Connector

Male USB-C PD 

Output Connector

Male DC barrel - 5.5mm OD, 2.5mm centre pin 

Output Polarity  

Centre pin positive


Power That Lasts

In developing the BMPCC Power Pipe, we focused on creating a product that excelled in performance and durability. This dedication has resulted in a power solution that's not only robust for today's demands but also reliable for future needs.

Constructed with high-grade materials, the BMPCC Power Pipe is built to withstand diverse filming environments. Additionally, it comes backed with a 5-year warranty, offering assurance of its longevity and making it a trustworthy addition to your filmmaking arsenal.

Revolutionizing Power for BMPCC Users

The Power Pipe BMPCC Cable marks a significant advancement in powering Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Cameras. Designed to harness 12V power from cost-effective PD power banks, this cable is a game-changer.

It eliminates the need for pricey V-lock batteries and the cumbersome juggling of multiple NP-Fs or LP-E6s. This innovation not only saves money but also streamlines the workflow for filmmakers. Experience the relief and satisfaction of a simplified, more efficient setup, freeing you to focus on your creative vision without the burden of power constraints.


Matthew J. Cline

Works great, changed the way I shoot for the better

The BMPCC 4K eats batteries like candy. I found a new external battery and this cable tat allow me to shoot all day with no worries about power anymore. It works well and the angled connector keeps the cable out of the way. Top build quality. Great product.

Gerald Bertram

Just the cable I needed!

If you have ever used a Black Magic camera you will know how awful the battery life is on these bodies. Thus having another power source is pretty much a necessity. This cable is perfect for me. I can simply use my PD power bank and power my Black Magic Pocket 6k Pro with this cable. It works flawlessly as does pretty much every cable I have gotten from Blind Spot. You pay a few dollars more but the reliability is worth it in my opinion..

Ian C. Corry

Saved my shoot!

Love this cable. There are copycats but this one is safe and has the best team behind it! Do make sure your power delivery meets the stated minimums and you’ll be good to go!

Product specification

Cable Length

45cm / 18" 

Input Connector

Male USB-C PD 

Output Connector

Compatible with all styles of BMPCC - BMPCC 4k / BMPCC 6K / BMPCC 6K Pro / BMPCC 6K G2

Voltage Range 



Max 3A peak