Redefining Power Standards: The Impact of 12V and USB-C PD

Redefining Power Standards: The Impact of 12V and USB-C PD

Revolutionizing Power Anywhere: The Power of 12V and USB-C PD 

Twelve volts, the simple DC voltage measurement that has changed our world and continues to shape it today. Often associated with car batteries, this standard voltage has played a crucial role in the electronics industry for decades, offering a perfect blend of safety and functionality for portable devices. But why 12V? It was primarily selected due to its safe and efficient transmission of power, making it ideal for a wide range of applications, from automotive and marine use to portable electronics. 

One of the most significant milestones in the realm of 12V power is the development of the Power Pipe 12V by Blind Spot Gear. With its revolutionary technology, the Power Pipe 12V enables anyone, anywhere in the world, to generate 12V power using nothing more than a power bank with USB-C Power Delivery (PD). This portability and versatility are game-changing for countless industries and individuals, giving a whole new meaning to portable power. 

Let's hear from some of those who've experienced the game-changing abilities of 12V power firsthand. 

As Johan Smit, a mining engineer in South Africa, shares, "Measurement tools are critical in our line of work, and they often require 12V power. With the Power Pipe 12V, we no longer have to worry about power access in remote mine sites. A simple USB-C PD power bank can provide all the 12V power we need." 




On the other side of the world, in the vast wilderness of Colorado, mountain rescue worker Sean Laramie uses 12V powered radio devices to communicate during rescue missions. "With Power Pipe 12V, we can reliably power our radios anywhere in the mountains, ensuring we have constant communication during our operations. It's been a game-changer for us." 

The Power Pipe 12V is not just for industrial or emergency use. It's making waves in the everyday world too. For instance, Susan, a camper and outdoor enthusiast from Australia, says, "The Power Pipe 12V has transformed my camping experiences. I can now power everything from my portable fridge to my LED lights, all from my USB-C PD power bank."

In the past, 12V power was typically sourced from bulky generators or dedicated power systems, but with the innovation of USB-C PD and the Power Pipe 12V, anyone can access it anywhere with a simple, compact setup. The Power Pipe 12V is turning the idea of portable power on its head and revolutionizing the way we use power in our daily lives. 

Billy Campbell, CEO of Blind Spot Gear, sums it up perfectly: "We've just scratched the surface of what 12V power and USB-C PD can do. The potential is limitless, and we're excited to be at the forefront of this revolution." 

It's clear that the story of 12V power is far from over, and with developments like USB-C PD and the Power Pipe 12V, its potential is only just being realized. Stay tuned as we continue to explore and unlock the future of power! 


Live Streaming with Atem Mini: 

"As a live streamer based in Texas, the introduction of 12V power with the Power Pipe 12V has revolutionized my work. My Atem Mini, which is crucial for my streams, can now be powered anywhere, anytime. It's an absolute game changer." - Lucas Riley, Live Streamer 




Wireless Router: 

"Working as a digital nomad from my RV in the Australian Outback has its challenges, especially with connectivity. The Power Pipe 12V has been a lifesaver. Now, I can power my wireless router in the most remote locations. It's turned the impossible into the everyday." - Mia Taylor, Digital Nomad 




Electronic Telescope for Star Gazing: 

"Star gazing in the Canadian wilderness is a dream, but powering my electronic telescope was always a challenge. That was until I discovered the Power Pipe 12V. Now, I can view the stars without worrying about power. It's truly made the sky the limit!" - Leo Dupont, Astronomer and Astrophotographer 



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