Product specification

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Cable Length  

Cable Length 50cm -120cm / 18" - 47"

Input Connector 

Male USB-C PD 

Output Connector 

Varies depending on the model you select

Voltage Range 

Power source must offer 9v, 1.5a minimum, this applies to both power banks and AC units 

Kyle Istook

Never run out of battery!

As a Sony camera enthusiast, the Blind Spot Sony np-fz100 Dummy Battery has been a game-changer for extended shoots. Whether capturing family moments or creating content, the USB-C compatibility allows me to power my camera with ease. It's a reliable solution, especially when using my Sony Alpha cameras for longer periods, ensuring I never miss a shot due to a drained battery.


Great Dummy Battery

Dummy batteries are great to use on longer shoots and I particularly like that this one has a USB-C connector on the end which I feel like is becoming more and more the standard for PD batteries. I now have multiple batteries that have a PD USB-C output and this dummy battery works flawlessly with them. It allows me to go much longer on shoots than I otherwise would be able to. The quality is on par with the numerous other damn batteries that I have that are Ptap ended, but I finally like this one better because again I use USB-C PD ports more often now.

Karol Truong

works with a6600 and FX30

As the headline states, this works with both my Sony a6600 and my FX30. These are great if you plan to be filming in one spot for long periods of time and do not need to be having to swap batteries out which can be a hassle. This is also a great alternative for those using the cameras for live streaming and depend on power always being there.