DC Barrel

Product specification

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Cable Length  

Cable Length 50cm -120cm / 18" - 47"

Input Connector 

5.5x2.5mm Centre Pin Positive

Output Connector 

Varies depending on the model you select

Voltage Range 


James A Packard

Just works!

Very well made, perfect accompaniment to the Blind Spot Power Junkie


 I have three of these dummy batteries now.

I have three of these BlindSpot dummy batteries now. They work great but not with their NPF battery adapter. The NPF battery doesn't have sufficient voltage to operate consistently. I use the Talent Cell batteries with the 9volt tap. They work PERFECTLY!! I can run gear for DAYS on one charge!!!
I've used this setup with Panasonic, SONY & Fuji cameras. The BlindSpot connector fits the TalentCell 9volt 9V 5.5mm x 2.5mm port. I use the TalentCell 12v to power my Atomos recorder & monitors. I learned about NPF batteries the hard way, building my own power packs. Two NPF batteries couldn't run my Fuji XT3 for more than about 15 min. I have four of the TalentCell batteries now and they've been 100% reliable.

Justice B.

Perfect for canon 80D

I have been looking for the perfect dummy battery for my Canon 80D finally, found it here and works perfect. I Highly recommend this product and seller.. I ordered it May 10th and recieved it today May 23rd.. I know shipping has been slower than usual due to the pandemic covid-19 but, well worth the wait for something that works good.