Unveiling Power Pipe Range V2: The Pinnacle of Portable 12V Power

Unveiling Power Pipe Range V2: The Pinnacle of Portable 12V Power
In the dynamic sphere of filmmaking and content creation, the necessity for reliable, high-performing, and portable power solutions has never been greater. Responding to this call, we introduce you to the second iteration of a revolution: the Power Pipe Range V2. This series embraces two powerhouses, the Power Pipe 12V V2 and the Power Pipe BMPCC V2, both crafted to redefine what portable 12V power means.

Power Pipe 12V V2: The Ultimate 12V Power Bank

Drawing from the monumental success of its predecessor, the Power Pipe 12V V2 takes portability and utility to unprecedented heights, cementing its position as a must-have in your creative toolkit.

Key Features:

  • Versatility at Its Peak: Power an array of devices including DSLR cameras, portable monitors, LED lights, wireless routers, and more, facilitating the limitless boundaries of your creativity.
  • Ready for Any Situation: Comes bundled with a host of DC adaptors, ensuring a solution for every power need.
  • Sustainable Innovation: Witness the amalgamation of efficiency and eco-friendliness with our ecologically minded construction materials.

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Products that can be powered by 12V

From a broad range of gadgets such as DSL cameras, LED light panels, and portable monitors to household appliances including mini refrigerators and small televisions; the possibilities are nearly limitless with 12V power. It caters to your outdoor needs as well, powering car vacuums, cooling fans, and even CB radios to keep you connected on the road. It also serves as a reliable source for essential devices such as water pumps and electric heaters.

For the creators out there, it promises seamless productions by energizing your digital photo frames and GPS devices. Moreover, the professional realm is not left behind; with it catering to devices like the Atem Mini and Atem Mini Pro switchers, and the Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera (BMPCC).

Healthcare essentials such as CPAP machines can also rely on 12V power, ensuring uninterrupted operation. And for the enthusiasts of the cosmos, it extends its reach to the heavens by providing power to telescopes, guaranteeing you a steady gaze at the stars.

No matter the device, as long as it operates with a 12V input, this range ensures you have the power you need, where you need it, reliably and efficiently. It indeed is a universal solution for a wide array of devices, promising convenience and reliability in every situation.

Power Pipe BMPCC V2: Designed for the Distinguished Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera

Building upon the foundations of the initial variant, the Power Pipe BMPCC V2 stands as a testament to evolution, offering BMPCC users a power solution that is as dynamic as it is reliable.

Key Features:

  • Specialized Construction: Crafted specifically to serve the high demands of the BMPCC, ensuring uninterrupted shooting sessions that enhance the narrative of your visual stories.
  • Portability Redefined: Unchain yourself from stationary power sources and embrace the freedom of movement, with a power solution that goes wherever your creativity takes you.
Why the Power Pipe Range V2 Stands Unrivaled

  • Experience and Innovation: Building upon the legacy of the inaugural Power Pipe range, version 2 offers improved functionalities steeped in user-friendly experiences.
  • Commitment to Sustainability: Be a part of our vision for a greener future, facilitated by products grounded in ecological mindfulness and responsibility.


Seize the future of portable power solutions with the Power Pipe Range V2. Whether spearheading projects with the multifaceted Power Pipe 12V V2 or capturing cinematic brilliance with the Power Pipe BMPCC V2, unlock a realm where power meets supreme portability.

Step into the future of content creation—a future powered by the Power Pipe Range V2, a future without bounds.

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