Sony FZ-100 Dummy Battery DC 8.4V

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The Ultimate Powering Solution for Sony Cameras with DC Adaptor

Endless Photography: Unleash uninterrupted shooting experiences with our specialized adapter tailored for Sony cameras. Whether you're using a Sony a6000, Sony A7III, or any device that requires an NP-FZ100 battery, we've got you powered.

Broad Compatibility: Designed to flawlessly fit a range of Sony models including the A9, A7III, A7RIII, A7IV, A6600, A6000, and any other Sony camera equipped with an NP-FZ100 battery. Our adapter ensures a seamless power transition for extended photo sessions.

Inclusive Design: With the inclusion of a 2.5mm to 2.1mm DC adaptor, we guarantee maximum compatibility across devices. This thoughtful addition ensures that you're always connected, no matter the gadget.

Perfect Pairing with Power Junkie: Elevate your camera's performance by pairing it with the Power Junkie. Designed to empower, our adapter allows you to harness the robust capabilities of NP-F batteries. Dive deeper into your craft with extended shooting capabilities - and for an all-rounded experience, do check out our exclusive bundles!