Sony NP-F Dummy Battery DC 8.4V

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Sony NP-F DC Dummy Battery: Empower Your Filmmaking Gear

Always Energized: Dive deep into the world of cinematography with our Sony NP-F DC Dummy Battery, a perfect fit for the Atomos Ninja V, on-board monitors, and lights. Stay powered up and ensure every moment is captured in its full essence.

Safety First: Engineered with meticulous care, our Sony NP-F adapter is equipped with over-voltage, over-heat, over-charge, and short-circuit protections. Trust in our design to keep your devices safeguarded while they draw power.

Continuous Power: Say goodbye to battery anxieties on set. With our Sony NP-F Dummy Battery, ensure an uninterrupted, steady power supply for all your key devices. Keep your momentum going without any power hiccups.

Universal Partner: Extend the utility of this dummy battery to devices that utilize the NP-F550 batteries. Its wide compatibility range makes it an indispensable addition to your filmmaking arsenal.

Invest with Confidence: Our commitment to quality is reflected in the 5-year warranty accompanying the product. Rest easy, knowing you're covered against unforeseen challenges.