Sony NP-F50 Dummy Battery USB-C

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Unleash Continuous Power with our Sony Type-C Dummy Battery for NPFW50 Models

Optimal Compatibility: Designed exclusively for Sony cameras, our dummy battery effortlessly complements models such as the Alpha a7 series, a5000 series, a6000 series, and NEX-3N. Whether you're using it as a Sony a6000, a6400, or a6500 battery, it ensures a seamless fit and functionality.

Safety and Performance: Dive into extensive filming sessions without any worries. Our NP-FW50 dummy battery is equipped with essential protection mechanisms like over-voltage, over-heat, and short circuit safeguards, ensuring your camera remains in perfect working condition.

Stay Powered, Always: Whether you're live streaming, shooting a documentary, or capturing cinematic visuals, rely on our dummy battery to provide a continuous, uninterrupted power flow. It's the ideal power companion for extended shooting, outperforming your standard a6000 camera battery.

Versatile Connections: Our Type-C plug design offers broad compatibility, allowing for effortless connections to multiple power sources. From the Power Junkie to car chargers and PD/QC wall outlets, staying powered on-the-go becomes a breeze.

Extend Your Filming Horizons: Pair our Sony NPFW50 dummy battery with the Power Junkie for an unmatched power duo, essential for every filmmaker's toolkit. Dive into extended filming sessions, confident in the knowledge that your camera won't let you down.

A Gentle Reminder: To achieve optimal performance, ensure your Power Bank supports a 9V PD output. And because we believe in our product's prowess, it's backed with a 5-year warranty, guaranteeing you capture every moment with absolute confidence.