Power Junkie Multi use NPF Battery Plate

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The Ultimate Power Solution: Power Junkie

Transform Your Filmmaking Experience: The Power Junkie is meticulously crafted to power most DSLR/Mirrorless camera rigs and specifically tailored for BMPCC 4K and BMPCC 6K. With the rigors of filmmaking draining batteries, the Power Junkie lets you harness the enduring capabilities of Sony NP-F batteries to ensure your camera never sleeps.

Simultaneous Triple-Port Utility: Equipped with a 2.5mm DC port and two USB-A ports, the Power Junkie is a filmmaker's dream. Seamlessly power your camera, a cinematic light, and another accessory, all concurrently, delivering up to a whopping 28W. It's not just a power adapter; it's the heart of your setup.

Universal Charging with Ease: Whether you're using USB-C or USB Micro, charging the Sony NP-F battery is a breeze. With ubiquitous USB power options, from mobile chargers to car adapters, you're always ready to roll.

Versatile and Robust Mounting: Innovation meets adaptability with the Power Junkie's mounting solutions. Whether you're utilizing the 1/4" mount for cages or the swift cold shoe attachment, you're always in control. Plus, the added zip tie mount accentuates its flexible mounting capabilities.

Intuitive Power Monitoring: The built-in LED power indicator eliminates guesswork. Easily gauge your battery life and monitor its charging progress, ensuring you're always informed and prepared for the next shot.