Sony NP-FZ100 Dummy Battery USB-C

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Elevate Your Sony Camera's Potential with Our Type-C Dummy Battery

Seamless Compatibility: Designed meticulously for Sony's elite range, our dummy battery integrates effortlessly with models like Sony Alpha A6600, FX3, A7 series, A9 series, A1, and more. Whether you're using it as a Sony a7iii battery substitute or for any other compatible model, expect perfection.

Safety and Durability Redefined: With the Sony NP-FZ100 dummy battery, you get more than just power. The in-built protections against over-voltage, over-heating, and short circuits ensure that your camera stays safe, and you can focus solely on your creative pursuits.

Continuous Power for Unhindered Creativity: Dive deep into extended video shoots, live streams, or any project without the anxiety of running out of power. Our NP-FZ100 dummy battery is your reliable partner, ensuring your camera is powered consistently.

User-Friendly Type-C Connection: The modern USB-C design ensures versatility and ease of use, facilitating smooth connections with various power sources - from the Power Junkie v2 to desktop chargers. Stay charged, wherever your creativity takes you.

Trust and Reliability: Before you embark on your next project, ensure your power bank aligns with the required 9V PD output specification. Moreover, our 5-year warranty stands as a testament to our confidence in the product, assuring you peace of mind amidst your creative endeavors.

A Gentle Reminder: To achieve optimal performance, ensure your Power Bank supports a 9V PD output. And because we believe in our product's prowess, it's backed with a 5-year warranty, guaranteeing you capture every moment with absolute confidence.