BMPCC Power Pipe Version 2

Sale price$29.00

Ever felt the frustration of your BMPCC 4k battery running out too quickly? Imagine powering your camera for an uninterrupted 4.5 hours of recording with just a 20,000mAh battery bank!

Discover the ultimate cost-effective solution for Black Magic batteries. Battery banks not only outlast but are also significantly lighter on the pocket compared to V-mount, gold mount, or even LP-E6 batteries. What's more, our product seamlessly syncs with every variant of the BMPCC – whether you have the BMPCC 4k, BMPCC 6K, BMPCC 6K Pro, or BMPCC 6K G2.

Before diving in, ensure your power bank aligns with our specs. It's crucial that its PD output supports a 12V output.

Why choose us? At Blind Spot, we're not just about products; we're about perfection. Each offering is subjected to rigorous testing to ensure you receive the best. Beyond business, we have a heart – 1% of our profits are channeled into the re-wilding of the majestic Scottish Highlands. Plus, we take pride in our commitment to the environment. From the materials we use to our packaging, everything is ethically sourced and fully recyclable. Power your BMPCC with confidence and conscience.