Fuji W236 Dummy Battery DC 8.4V

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Refine your filming experiences with the groundbreaking Fuji W236 Dummy Battery. Crafted explicitly for discerning Fuji enthusiasts, this indispensable accessory seamlessly syncs with a range of renowned models including the X-T4, X-T5, X-H2, X-H2s, GFX100s, and GFX50S Cameras. While its sophisticated design ensures optimal compatibility, its built-in safety measures protect against over-voltage, overheating, and overcharging, giving you peace of mind with every click and frame.

This W236 Dummy Battery acts as a beacon of continuous creativity. It's not just a power solution; it's your ticket to uninterrupted video sessions and extended photography adventures. Featuring a flexible DC barrel connector, it transitions effortlessly between varied power sources, be it the trusted Power Junkie or an array of mobile power banks, car power adapters, and more.

When united with the Power Junkie v2, it transforms into a filmmaker's best ally, leveraging the power of NP-F batteries to supercharge your camera's endurance. Perfect for those extended shoots or all-day events. Dive into the realms of unmatched power and performance with the Fuji W236 Dummy Battery. Your story, uninterrupted.